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The plain and simple presentation of legal concepts in a straightforward terminology is meant to help the Erasmus students’ approach to a new legal system also from a linguistic viewpoint.

Therefore, Erasmuslaw is what you, Erasmus students, need before or while attending your lectures in the host Universities to gain at the best from the Erasmus project.
Erasmuslaw is also what you, potential Erasmus students, need in order to choose the legal system you want to study.
But Erasmuslaw is also what any student or lawyer may need in order to know and compare different legal systems.

Erasmuslaw is a web site set up by 8 European Universities within the "Introduction to national legal systems" project, promoted and sponsored by the European Union for the benefit of the Erasmus students who approach, for the first time, a new legal system in a new language.

You can read or download the Introduction to Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Scottish law and you will find a short and essential guide to each legal system, presented in its main characteristics and in its own language as one of the project’s aims is to develop the use of the "minor languages", that is, the least spoken languages within Europe.



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